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Welcome to Final Track Studios.  We're glad you're here!  It has been quite a year with many clients and over 100 recording projects. We made some very big decisions in November of 2013 to take a giant step forward and backwards at the same time.  Final Track Studios is a dedicated Pro Tools studio and we stay current with the latest versions Avid has to offer.  We are using the Avid C24 control surface and while we were certainly pleased with it we felt that 'something was missing'.  A long time ago (at least in recording studio time) we were all analog.  Analog console, analog processors and analog tape recorders.  In the 1990's we watched as digital took over and just to stay competitive, we all changed.  Truth be told, the early digital really wasn't very good.  But we stuck with it until the present with equipment change after equipment change in search of an elusive something ... a sound that we remembered from days gone by.  The sound of analog.

So ... we took the giant step backwards into the future.  I never sold our big old analog console when it was de-comissioned in 1995, something told me to hang on to it.  I am so glad I did.  I began bringing her back in December and finished in May 2013.  Every analog circuit has been re-conditioned (all 56 of them) and when we got it into the control room and connected it up to our Pro Tools system we were all just blown away!  It sounded spectacular. Not only was it what we remembered, but we realized that the old analog tape recorders we used just could not capture and reproduce the amazing analog sounds the console was creating.  Rest assured, Pro Tools can do it!
One of the Gold records. Final Track Studios, your recording studio in Roanoke, Va.
I have just out and out ripped off the movie title as that is what we have done.
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As we were doing the upgrade we quickly realized that our studio monitors were not letting us hear what was in the headphones. (They were antique - 3 years old!)  I remembered a listening experience I had at the Neumann Headquarters in Berlin last year and replaced our monitors with a pair of exquisite Neumann Studio Monitors.  Our eyes and ears were opened with this change and we noticed that our interface (the thing that converts analog to digital signals - what the computer uses) was not returning what the monitors clearly told us was there.  So, we replaced the interface with the new Universal Audio Apollo 16 and all of us just sat back and smiled.  We were there!  Analog Heaven in the Digital World.  Analog has been described as Fuffy, Pfaat, Big, Rich, Full, Wide, etc., but we just believe it is 'Musical'.  It works the same way our ears do, and after all, they are the final Judge of what sounds good!

A new acoustic management system was custom designed and built for the control room completing the upgrade.


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