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Simply the best signal chain in audio today.  Only available at Final Track Studios, Roanoke, Va.

Welcome to Final Track Studios.  We're glad you're here!  2017 was quite a year with many clients and over 100 recording projects. The new studio space has turned out to be better than we thought.   We added a new Analog Console to operate our hybrid analog/digital facility.  The Audient ASP 4816 coupled with out Universal Audio Apollo 16 Mk II provides 18 channel of simultaneous capture, 48 channels at mix and 24 channels of amazing analog summing for the final stereo or 5.1 mix. To this we added a Focusrite ISA 2.  Designed by Rupert Neve, these Pre Amps are the amazing channel he designed for George Martin (the Beatles Producer,  used in all of his studios) and 4 channels of Warm Audio 412.  These API style Microphone Preamps provide amazing bite and certainly have the classic transformer created sound that made rock and roll what it is today.  These beautiful analog class 'A' units talk to our Black Lion A2D converter or our Universal Audio Apollo 16 (to convert the analog signals to digital information) which then talk to our Pro Tools System.

We  have six rooms, each dedicated to a specific audio function.  We took the opportunity in the design phase to study the current state of the industry and made certain that we would be offering exactly what today's client needs.  Acoustically we have created a purpose build group of spaces that work wonderfully well together or separately.  Built  to be a studio; not a space 'made into a studio' , every inch has a purpose.  The Main Room, Vocal Booth, Percussion Room, Guitar Amp Room and the Control Room all have mic inputs and headphone feeds. Final Track Studios is a dedicated Pro Tools studio and we stay current with the latest versions Avid has to offer.  (Currently we are at 2018.3)  We still believe that the best 'front end' for any music studio is analog and we support our clients with the Big, Fat and Fluffy - the very musical gear that have made the best music for decades.  Tubes, transformers and FET's. We will stick with this setup until our search for 'the perfect sound' locates something better, that elusive something ... the sound we remember from so many great records - The sound of analog.

One of the Gold records. Final Track Studios, your recording studio in Roanoke, Va.
 The main tracking room. Grand piano at one side and the Hammond B3 at the other end.  Drum room and Vocal booth behind the chairs. 

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Final Track Studios
541 Luck Avenue
The Jefferson Center
Roanoke, Va  24016

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