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The Role of the Modern Commercial Recording Studio

My ... things have changed

               The Modern
      Recording Studio

For decades, the recording studio was the home of Tracking, Mixing and Mastering music.  

The Modern Recording Studio has grown into a center for Live Productions, Live location recordings, Audio for video, Forensic audio, Podcasts, TV and Radio Spots, Audio Books and anything else that involves capturing sound.  In addition to Tracking, Mixing and Mastering audio for the eight DBFS/LUFS standards that exist today to support the many digital streaming platforms that dominate the music scene today, Final Track Studios also produces Concerts and can assist with Staging, Stage Plots, Back Line, Union needs, Transportation, Lodging, Catering and Marketing.  We can assist you with the largest Civic Center Show to a single performer show.

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The studio works with many Video production companies in the area to create outstanding live performance Videos and scripted Music Videos.  We strongly encourage all of our clients to have an appropriate presence on all social media channels including YouTube, TikTok, instagram etc.  In studio videos are very successful and can be shot with as little as an iPhone (or equivalent). The studio can mix your track specially for use on your video.

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