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What you record with will set the standard for what your material will sound like.  You simply can't improve a bad recording.  You can only try to hide the fact that it is bad . . .


    Recording Console and Studio Control Room and Live Room Monitoring

Audient ASP 4816 - 16 buss Analog Recording Console        Purchased new from Audient in England in 2023

Neumann KH 120's with Sub - Control Room

QSC K-10's (3) - Live Rooms

Tascam Model 12 (for live location recording) (12 track analog mixer/digital recorder)   Can talk to Protools or Logic


    Headphone Monitoring


16 channel Aviom Headphone personal mixing system  (7 Stations) - 8 locations in the studio

AKG 240 Headphones (Open Back)  (10)

Neumann NDH 20 Headphones (Closed Back)

Sennheiser HD Pro Headphones (Closed Back)  (2)

Sennheiser HMD 300 Pro with integrated broadcast microphone (2) - Perfect for Podcasts.

Recording Artists can create their own custom 16 channel headphone mix without interfering with others in the studio


Pro Tools 2024.XX  We are on a commercial subscription with AVID (protools) so we are always the most current update

(We Can support projects recorded with FL, Logic, Acid, Presonus and most other DAW's)

Tascam  12 Location Recorder

Tascam 32 - 2 Track Analog Reel to Reel Mastering Recorder

AKAI DR4D Digital Recorder

Sony PCM - R 500 Dat (2 Channel Digital) Recorder with SMPTE Lock with remote (perfect for video)

     Interfaces, Preamps and Computers

Universal Audio Apollo 16 Mk II Thunderbolt 3.

In addition to the 16 Audient Console Preamps we have 8 additional channels of Audient ASP-800 preamps

Universal Audio LA 610 Mk II  - Analog Tube 610 preamp and Tube LA-2A Compressor

Tascam 12

New Apple 'M' Silicon Computers (2022)


Neumann 67

Neumann 49 (2)

Neumann 103 (2)

AKG EB-535 (5)

AKG D-112

Warm Audio WA-87 (2)

Warm Audio WA-251 Tube (2)

Soyuz 13 sdc FET (2)

Royer Ribbon (R-10)

Cascade Stereo Ribbon (x/y configuration)

Shure Beta 98 (Drum) (4)

Shure SM 57 (10)

Shure Beta 57

Shure SM 58 (8)

Earth Works SR 20

Earthworks PM-40T Impulse Response Grand Piano Microphone system

Misc lav's, other (6)

Direct Boxes

Countryman, DOD, Sterling, Pro Co   (12 total)


K Kawaii Acoustic Grand Piano 6'2"

Hammond B3 (Built in 1962) Fully Restored 2018)

Leslie 122 Rotating Speaker System  (2)

Vintage Yamaha 5 piece Drum kit with Zildjian Cymbals (Purchased in 1991)

Vox AC 15 Twin (Custom order in 2010)

Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb

Ampeg 350 bass amp (with 6x10 cab split 2x10 and 4x10)

Crate Keyboard amp

C F Martin Acoustic Guitar (2)

Gretsch Hollow Body (335 style) - double cutaway (2)

Fender Jazz Bass

Rickenbacker 330-12 (12 String Guitar) 1977

Numerous Percussion Toys


     Recording Spaces


Dedicated Vocal Booth

Dedicated Drum/Percussion Room

Dedicated High SPL  Room (guitar amps, etc)

Dedicated Acoustically Designed Control Room ( Designed by Awakened Group Design Services)


Large 12x20 foot Green Screen for Video Shooting


Nothing Sounds Like Analog

One of my session Bass players actually commented that the sound was wider, fatter, punchier and even the 'air' sounds better!

Final Track Studios

541 Luck Ave

The Jefferson Center

Roanoke, Va 24016


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