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Recording Audio Books and Podcasts are two of the special services we provide at Final Track Studios. We have worked for, ibooks and Random House, Hashett Audio as well as numerous ad agencies and the AMA.


Final Track Studios has the specialized equipment, microphones, software and dedicated booth to insure exceptional delivery of your book project.


Our latest book was the fast paced 'Stalling For Time' by Gary Noesner.


The book recording was for Random House and distributed by Penguin Audio.


This amazing book was the basis for the six part mini-series 'Waco' presented on the Paramont TV Network.


Podcasts have become a regular part of Studio work.  We support individual, multi-voice or in-house and Zoom type podcast recordings.

Final Track Studios

541 Luck Avenue

The Jefferson Center

Roanoke, Va 24016


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