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AI is here to stay.  

We can be afraid of AI or embrace it.  At Final Track Studios you will see AI in use daily for creative things like sound shaping, noise removal (using LLM Agnostic models) and pitch management.  What you will not see here is the use of AI to create anything that is not the original work of the artist(s) in the studio.  Our use of AI is also IP Liability Free.

Session Players

The Modern Recording Studio often needs real musicians to supplement the amazing sounds we can create using digital devices.  Final Track Studios has a great list of the best performers from Nashville to New York who work with us in studio as Session Players.  If you need a specific instrument we can coordinate the best session individual.  From Guitar, Bass, Drums, Horns, Actual Strings, Keyboards to Classical Performers.  If you need a Vocalist, Background Singers or Voice Over, just let us know.  We most likely have a few you can consider.  Over Forty Years in the business has allowed us to work with hundreds of extraordinary individuals, who are ready to help!

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